Family Therapy: Marriage based on sentimental love lead to divorces than deaths in 21st Century

“Happy family are all alike; every unhappy family is is unhappy in their own way”. LEOTOLSTOY ANNA KARENINA

It is surprising that the families today are facing the high rate of marriage issues than the previous centuries. In Western Countries, America and even in Africa divorces rates are increasing. The church leaders and members are silent. Some theologians try to make research on the issues. The family issues in the 21st Century are not about divorce only. We have abortion rights, cohabiting relationships, corporal punishments, family violence leading to divorce, increasing gay marriages, increasing infidelity, pornography, poverty, and transgender recognition (Yarhouse & Sells, 2017).

The promotors of those evils advance the reason of social justice. Social Justice should lead to social change. On the contrary as long as there are freedom of opinion and freedom of activity, the society is being destructed especially families. I can say that family violence, gay marriages… exited in the society but the rate of divorce was low. In Rwanda, culturally, women were not encouraged to separate. They couldn’t even return at their parents’ house after divorce. However, in recent years with promotion of social justice, marriages are breaking up on high rate.

With the high rate of destructed families, the spouses, parents and children are affected. Education of children from separated parents is an issue especially in the developing countries. When couples separate, husbands sometime don’t play their role of parenting. In the most case parents go to live with their mums. In some cases some children are dropped out of school. Parents and spouses are also affected as their reputation is destructed. Briefly marriage in crisis affect the society and civilization (Yarhouse & Sells, 2017).

Article by Sereine Nterinanziza


Yarhouse, M.A. & Sells, J. N. (2017). Family therapies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic.

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