What were the qualities of King David

God establish the Kingdom as reward for David’s years of faithful service, God obligates himself to give King David an eternal house. The reward is packed full of God’s Grace, the eternal return is incalculably greater than the temporal investment’. (See Bruce K. Waltke 655-661). King David, who ruled the ancient Kingdom of Israel, is known for his many achievements as a leader. David had many qualities that I explored from the readings of the books provided by the lecturer.
David was a courageous and fearless leader, which enabled him to face and overcome many challenges, including battles against enemies such as Goliath and the Philistines. He saved Israelites from Philistines pride. David’s courage was evident in many of his actions, such as when he volunteered to fight the Philistine champion Goliath, despite being greatly outnumbered and outmatched. His bravery inspired his troops and helped them to achieve victory in battle. Additionally, David faced many personal trials and tribulations throughout his life, such as when he was forced to flee from King Saul, but he never lost his courage or his faith in God.
David was a Visionary Leader. David had a clear vision for his kingdom, which was to create a strong and prosperous nation that would endure for many generations. He achieved this by implementing policies that promoted economic growth and development, such as encouraging trade and commerce, building infrastructure, and investing in agriculture. David also established a strong military, which helped to secure the borders of the kingdom and protect its people.
David was a humble Leader, a Servant leader. He has responsible obedience to God’s direction, faithful dependance on God’s Care, able to build personal intimacy of trust with God with humility. Despite his many accomplishments, David remained humble and had a deep respect for God. He recognized that he was not perfect and was willing to learn from his mistakes. For example, when he committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her husband Uriah killed, David was confronted by the prophet Nathan, and he repented of his sin. This demonstrated his humility and his willingness to be held accountable for his actions.
King David was a diplomatic leader. David was a skilled diplomat and was able to negotiate treaties and alliances with neighboring nations. He knew how to navigate complex political situations and maintain stability within his kingdom. For example, he established alliances with the neighboring kingdoms of Tyre and Hamath, which helped to secure the borders of Israel and promote peace and stability in the region.
King David was Compassionate Leader. David had a compassionate heart and cared deeply for his people. David mourns for Absolom who was his enemy. He had Mercy to Shimei who was his enemy . He was known for his kindness and generosity, and he made sure that the needs of the poor and vulnerable were taken care of. For example, he established programs to provide food and shelter for widows and orphans, and he treated his servants with kindness and respect. David’s compassion helped to build a strong sense of community within his kingdom and created a culture of kindness and generosity.
Despite all the qualities of King David, God prohibited him to build him a Temple. He was a military warrior who sheds blood. He was a military conquer. He couldn’t build God’s Temple as the Temple symbolizes peace without bloodshed. God acknowledged him as the single man who had a humble and praising heart on earth.

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