Boundaries and Belongings: Women’s Struggle for Their Survival

Women theologians worldwide are struggling to break all boundaries set by the Patriarchy culture. That culture affects religion, race, sex, and class. Women need to take decisions to try to look for a possibility of friendship and love in case the existing community rejects them. Some Korean feminists theologians women went far and tried to reimage the image of God. Their question was why Father God and not God Mother or God Family or friend. Somehow, they had a reason to analyze that. In my point of view, God is greater than sex, gender, and race. God is beyond White, Black, or Asian. God is God and this is the reason we are fighting for equal treatment and nondiscrimination.
Sometimes as women theologians and feminists, we face challenges in our community where we will need to leave. You may leave a church, a community, a cooperative, or a family that does not accept your beliefs. However, you do not force other people to believe what you believe. You may incite them but you do not force anyone to accept your beliefs. Leaving is a contradiction but it may be necessary. It is necessary for you and for the community. When you leave, you avoid disturbing a community that does not share with you the same beliefs. When you leave, you are giving yourself the freedom to express who you are. Leaving benefit both sides.
I will not fight to make God feminine, but to attribute him the motherhood divine aspects. God cannot be reduced to something small like Gender. God is bigger than being a man or a woman. Pastors should not preach the fatherhood of God in their sermons. Many women have scars from the bad behaviors of their fathers. Making God Father may restrict them from believing in him and that becomes a hindrance to the gospel.

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