Replanning Solidarity/ Feminism

The “hermeneutics of intersubjectivity” which is an approach that the “other” is not just an object of study, but also a subject from whom I can learn. Thus, this volume starts with the assumption that understanding and respecting are both aided by, and dependent on, the scholar’s perception of the other not merely as an object of investigation, but also as a subject. In addition, not only as an object but also as a “subject with whom we are in conversation”.
With intersubjectivity, I can discover if I really understand what I believe. We have to look at all corners of life when we are studying sensitive subjects. As scholars, we are not supposed to impose what we believe on others. While we are studying others, we need not to consider them as objects or didactic materials but as humans. We can learn from the people who believe what we do not believe. In that case, we will be objective in our research.
While we are looking at transnational feminism, we have to keep in mind that those we are studying are not objects. They are the people who have to learn from. That will help us to live in the community as Feminists who can stay in their religion. It is not necessary to be a radical feminist. You can be a faithfully feminist in order to live with the community. Being a feminist does not mean you express your emotions, you have to express the community’s feelings.

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