All about International and public schools” Advantages and Disadvantages

My name is Agasaro Sifa Blessing, i am currently 9 yrs old and i am in grade 4, my favourite hobby is drawing, painting (and other art stuff). I was born in a family of 9 loving people: 2 strict but kind parents and 7 siblings. I was born on the 1st april 2013 in Rwanda , as a kid i had a random characteristic in more details i am the fifth kid and behind me there are 2 other kids. Currently i study at PTS Int sch ( Path To Success International School). Path to success has lots of interesting topics but the fees is something you’d not settle for.

In international schools there is an educational Curriculm you follow and they are also lots of events ( maybe in Pts only ). International schools can also teach kids with mind games, quizzes and other kinds of games. On the other hand, public schools are the opposite of international ( you already know) , they do different kind of stuff instead of games they make sure that the students are glued to there books 24/6. If your kids to be glued to there book 24/6 … Solution one : take them to an international school / beg your parents to bring you to an international school or Solution two : go to happy kids school.

You might also be asking yourself ” what are the advantages of an international school? “. Well I tried to list them below; ・there can be international opportunities, ・a truly peaceful community


We also have disadvantages of international schools. Some are listed ; Expensive school ,children might have fewer local friends. Etc…

I will also write the advantages and disadvantages of public schools; Advantages of public schools; 1. Students spend most of the time studying core subjects. 2. School time is smaller.

Disadvantages of public schools; 1. Classes are larger. 2. Classes are geared towards a mid-learning level

Article by Agasaro Sifa Blessing, Path To Success International, G4

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